• Dec 26, 2016
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Behind The Design: Q&A with William MacDonald

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William MacDonald of WillMac Designs utilizes color and print to transform the spaces within this traditional 1920's home. In the following Q&A, William reveals "behind the design" secrets exclusively to Carpet One Floor & Home. 

Interior Design, William MacDonald

What were your clients’ needs for this living space?

My clients have a large growing family so it needs to be beautiful as well as durable and easy to maintain.

Do you have any special considerations or requirements when creating a living room?

I like living rooms to be actually lived in. I like multiple sitting areas and places for groups or individuals to relax and enjoy. I always use comfortable furnishings that will make people want to use the space often. Good lighting and meaningful art is also key.

Why did you choose these colors for the living room?

My client’s personalities favored a colorful palette and I agreed. Keeping the colors bright and varied but with a calming wall color allowed for us to breathe happiness and personality into the space.

Interior Designer

How does the flooring play into the dining room design?

The flooring is really the fifth wall and should always be highly considered. The use of the space is of course a major consideration. I like floors that are stylish and appropriate for the space. I often like bare hardwood or stone in dining rooms and kitchens. I find them more practical, especially when pushing one’s chair back from the table. In others areas I like layering. For example, in a living room with a base of hardwood I like to place a sisal carpet then on top of that a Persian rug for a simple-luxe casual look.

What makes the additional dining space functional? 

This space has many functions as a gathering spot for family activities such as games or homework, an over flow space for large dinner parties or holiday suppers and an entrance to the garden. So the choice of furniture and how we arranged it as well a floor covering had to be carefully considered. It all comes together to make the space highly functional and beautiful.

Bedroom Design, William MacDonald

What is your favorite aspect of the master bedroom?

I love the calm vibe of this room. It’s a very peaceful space. The color palette and fabrics used help give it that feel. I like using wall-to-wall carpeting in bedrooms because it adds to that layer of softness and quiet which is so often needed.

What did your clients like the most?

My clients love all the color and how well its balance through the design of the interior. The overall well-thought-out effect of the spaces and how they work together to provide my clients with an incredibly beautiful home. Every detail large and small was considered.

As an accomplished designer, William MacDonald has over 15 years experience designing private residential interiors, garnering him an abundance of practical know how. He brings innovative ideas to each custom project and his vast knowledge includes furniture design, styling, lecturing, writing and art directing. His firm, WillMac Designs, focuses on small as well as large scale bespoke design projects from concept to completion. 

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